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Gillian Campbell is a Strategic Marketing Consultant with one (1) dog. :).

It is my belief that every human being was born with a God-given purpose in that we can only come to know through an abounding knowledge of our Creator.

I see girls and young women today who are unsure of their value to society and decided to start this blog to help them to understand their role in shaping communities that are self-sustaining.

I designed this blog to empower girls and young women on their journey towards self-improvement and self-discovery...

To enable them to become creative thinkers and decision-makers; women in control of their lives and destinies...

Who make better life decisions, as a result!


hobbies: reading, soccer, swimming, badminton. favorite authors: napoleon hill, barbara taylor bradford, stephen w. frey, ray hammond and robert ludlum. favorite places to visit: portland, jamaica.